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5 Uses For Roofers

Popular Types of Residential Roofs

When it comes to residential roofing, a lot of people are conjuring images of standard asphalt roofs which is basically the most preferred style in North America these days. But this is still a case to case basis as it largely depend on where you live. No doubt, there are lots of other residential roofing that you can have which include metal, shakes and slates. You should know that like any other product in the market, there are advantages and drawbacks for each type of roofing and this is something that homeowners need to take into account.

Number 1. Asphalt shingles – it is not really a surprise how it has grabbed the attention of many homeowners as it is very affordable and at the same time, durable. You are going to find a roof that fits perfectly your style as these asphalt shingles are available in different colors and types.

If you have asphalt roof damage however, you can repair it cheaply. The best thing about this type of roofing, it’s the fact that it provides outstanding fire resistance. A very common issue when you have this roofing which you must watch out for is the accumulation of moss and mildew.

Number 2. Wooden shakes – wooden roofs are attractive addition to a house especially bungalows, ranchers and cottages. As a matter of fact, even contemporary home is suitable to installing wooden roofs. Even though it looks natural, providing excellent insulation and durability when maintained properly, it can be costly to buy than other types of residential roofing. And to avoid mildew, rot and mold, it is a must to maintain it on a regular basis.

Number 3. Metal roofs – like asphalt shingles, you can get this in wide varieties of colors and styles. Having said that, it does not really matter what style of home that you have because one thing is for sure, it’s going to complement it. Metal roofs do well in heavy rains, hail and high winds and they are also environmentally friendly. The one drawback with metal roofs however, it is quite expensive and might be hard to install. But once you’re through on this, you will be fine.

Number 4. Tile roofs – we are often associating tile roofs with properties that have European accent. These roofs are fire resistant due to the reason that it is non combustible but it is also stylish, practical and come in different colors. Its durability and easy maintenance make them a good choice for homeowners while its weight and cost make it a bit unfit for some projects. Tile roofs are fragile and the repairs as well as installation is very technical which is why only a professional should perform the installation.

Case Study: My Experience With Roofing

Case Study: My Experience With Roofing