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Guide to Medical Records Retrieval

Medical records are essential to every patient; therefore, it is vital for a patient to be in a position to get their records when they need them. Depending on the hospital management, one can get their medical records in the form of papers stored in files or electronically. Universally, patients have the rights to get copies of their medical records whether in electronic health records or paper copies.

Before one can access their records, they need to follow the following tips. For one to access their medical records, they first need to be patients of the hospital. Other than the patient, the parents or guardians of the patients can request for the records from the hospital. However, parents and guardians need first to obtain written permission from the patient. In some cases, the caregivers can also be allowed to access the patient’s records when they provide a written permission.

The following are the medical providers who can issue medical records these include doctors, labs, hospitals as well as other medical practitioners. It is good to beware of a state laws that govern the storage of the medical records. patients can access their medical records from the hospital practitioners; however, there are some records that the providers will not share with the patients. Some records are crucial hence the need to keep them as secretive as possible, for instance, those related to mental health are not shared with the patients. Such records are kept as private as possible more so when the provider feels or believes that allowing the patient to access the records can endanger their physical health.

The following are some of the circumstances that can make a patient be denied their medical records. Besides, one may not access the following reports including psychotherapy reports, those that may endanger their safety and life as well as the records that have names of other people or person and the patient’s access to the records can cause harm to the people whose names appeared in the record. Other records that are barred from the patient include those that are considered to be confidential and issuing them would tamper with their privacy.

Patients need to make a formal application before they are allowed to access their medical records. Depending on the organization of the medical facility, one can make an informal request for the record during consultation or by making a phone call. The advancement in technology has enabled the storage of medical reports in online systems. The online records retrieval systems are much easier to keep the files in an organized form hence making it easier to access them. Unlike in the past when the patients had to visit the hospital to be issued with their reports, nowadays , one has to make a request on phone call then the hospital management will forward the medical report to the patient’s mail.

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