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Does a Dog Require Clothing?

Many people argue whether it’s sensible to cloth your pet. The are those that assume that since they have fur they don’t need extra clothing. Clothing digs has been done for many decades. They were mainly done in the military setup. These dog clothes have grown from the times of being used in the military to today. These clothes offer great benefits to your pet.

During your cold walks they offer extra insulation. There are dogs that have a layer which is very thin. Keeping the dog warm protects it from diseases. For your dog you can have waterproof clothes. They are beneficial when it rains and your dog is in the field. No one likes to get numb and cold. There are also snow boots that you can purchase for your dog. When taking a walk in the summer season or in the snow you can use the boots. They protect your dog’s feet from both the snow and from ice. With the boots the dogs can then walk in the hot sun comfortably.

A dog that is allergic to some materials may require a dog shirt. Some have skins that are very itchy. With the clothes on it becomes difficult to access the skin. The dog, therefore, stops scratching and chewing its skin.

You can save the life of your dog through the collar. It plays a better role than just the beauty purposes. ID tags are placed on the collars to identify your dog in case it gets lost. When your dog gets lost it can be identified by the collar.

Ill dogs, as well as the small ones, are in great need of clothing. The fat contained in these dogs is very little. The protection of the dog is more when they have the cloth. Their body system cannot give the dog the required warmth. Shivering out of the cold is the condition these dogs are in and in most cases they even die. The clothes are both beneficial to the dog and to the owner. The cleanliness of the dog and also the environment can be maintained through the cloth. While in the field, there are those dog whose color resembles the grass. When you are hunting you may get a hard time because of this. Having the dog put on a bright color enhances its visibility. This enables you to locate the dog from which place it is.

Dogs are companions to many people especially women. You can at times dress the dog in fashion. This makes the pet a part of the festivities too. There are special clothing that you can make for special event for your dog. The dog benefits greatly from these clothes. They can also be used for fun and to bring out the mood of the event.

Case Study: My Experience With Resources

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